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3T Superleggera Team Carbon Handlebar - 40cm

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That’s right, most riders find 3T’s classic round bend uncomfortable, yet it is the longest running bend in history and those who love it REALLY love it (including a lot of pros). Compare it to mattresses; some prefer soft, others hard. The SuperLeggera is definitely in the hard category - “soft mattress cyclists” will opt for the SuperErgo. The SuperLeggera round drop shape is very “present” in your hands, giving you great awareness at all times. The minimalist center grip section is completely optimized for stiffness and low weight, making this our lightest drop bar ever. Features: Drop grip: The round grip “bites” in the palm of your hands, creating a solid connection. This creates a sense of power & control that is hard to explain but undeniable when you try it yourself. For more comfort, go with the SuperErgo. Structurally optimized: (TEAM & LTD only) The center section has a constant taper from drop to stem for the best possible transfer of forces. This makes the SuperLeggera extremely light and stiff. Not clip-on compatible!. Center grip: (TEAM & LTD only) The oval center grip is designed for structural optimization, so we were very surprised when test riders commented on its supreme comfort. An unexpected win-win: Light, stiff and comfortable - pick 3. Specifications: Material: Unidirectional carbon Cable routing: Internal cable channels Clamp diameter: 31.8mm Stem torque: 5Nm maximum Shift/brake lever torque: 8Nm maximum Clip-ons: Not compatible Di2 compatibility: Fully compatible, including with Di2 bar plug Junction A Finish: Stealth black or black with red accents

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