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3T Zero 25 Team Seatpost - 31.6mm x 350mm

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At 3T we always to combine the best functionality with italian style and design. The Zero25 is an excellent example, offering both a zero and 25mm offset built into the same seatpost without any of the bulkiness normally associated with extra adjustability. This means you can experiment with a wide range of saddle positions and once you have found your optimum, you still have the world’s most beautiful seatpost on your bike (if we may say so ourselves). The crux of the Zero25 is in its sleek head. Clamped on the minimalist base are a left and right cup that offer a zero offset for a relatively forward saddle position. Switch the left cup to the right side and vice versa and you have a 25mm offset, perfect for a more rearward saddle position. In either position, the seatpost looks great and works great. Specifications: Shaft material: Unidirectional carbon Bolt material: Stainless steel Length: 350mm Setback: 0mm & 25mm combined Diameter: 27.2mm or 31.6mm Weight (+/- 4%) (g): 216 (27.2x350mm) Finish: Stealth black or black with red accents

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