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4iiii Precision Pro Dual Sided Power Meter - 105 R7000 - 172.5mm - 50-34T

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Ridden by the pros, PRECISION PRO dual-side power meters deliver all the benefits of our left-side model (exceptional accuracy, lightweight design, ANT+ and Bluetooth compatibility, 3D powermeter technology), plus a specific breakdown of left and right wattage. Perfect for those who need specific power output from each crank side, or anyone who simply wants the best power meter on the market. The PRECISION PRO Ride Ready comes pre-installed on a new Shimano crankset you purchase from us. Features 3D power meter technology (patent pending) measures tri-axial strain on your crank Accurate, consistent data Lightweight, compact design Battery status indicator via 4iiii app Compatible with ANT+, Bluetooth Smart head units, smartphones, and other 4iiii products User-friendly app and configurable rider compensation scale factor Easy setup and maintenance Over-the-air upgrade capability for adding new features and updates Specifications Weight: 25 grams (power meter only) Data accuracy: +/- 1% error margin Battery life: 100+ hours on 2032 coin cell battery Battery status indicator: Alert at 15% battery power

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