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4iiii Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor

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Being 10-times more sensitive than most heart rate monitors, and 5-times more responsive, the 4iiii Viiiiva is one of the most advanced heart rate monitors on the market. With advanced beat-to-beat data, the Viiiiva measures variabilities within your heart rate so you can reliably and consistently track even slight surges on the go. Thanks to the activity logging software, this unit saves up to 65 hours of riding data, which can be transferred to other devices and apps to help track your long-term performance. Pairing this unit with other compatible devices is a breeze. As the 4iiii Viiiiva is compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth devices, you can easily pair this heart rate monitor with your existing power meter, cadence sensor and bike computer. Pairing your smartphone is even easier. Simply tap your phone and Viiiiva together, and the devices will pair immediately. It’s even compatible with cardio-equipment in the gym. With an easily replaceable coin cell battery, the unit offers up to 200 hours of use on a full battery. Advanced, beat-to-beat measurement makes Viiiiva ten times more sensitive than most heart rate monitors to capture the most sensitive of heart rates, measure heart rate variability, and gauge your level of activity readiness Activity logging means you can not only view your data in real time, but you can also save up to 65 hours of data on Viiiiva and transfer it to another device or application ANT+ sensor bridge lets Viiiiva collect data from other ANT+ sensors, then transfer it via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android smartphone Tap-to-pair connection lets you simply tap your iOS or Android smartphone to your Viiiiva pod to immediately connect the devices Fitness equipment pairing enables you to pair Viiiiva with cardio equipment in the gym for real-time and logged data 4iiii product integration means you can use Viiiiva with PRECISION and Sportiiii coaching tools to give you a full range of training data Weight: 5 g (1.76 oz) Dimensions: 6.5 cm x 4.5 cm (2.55 in. x 1.77 in.) Strap length: 57–132 cm (23–52 in.) Battery type: CR 2032 Up to 200 hours of battery life Operating temperature: 0–50 C (32–122 F) Waterproof rating: IP 67 Radio frequency: 2.4 GHz ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible

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