AirBike inSPORTline Beast

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The AirBike inSPORTline Beast features a unique resistance system for an intense fitness workout. Instead of a flywheel, it uses a steel ventilator which adjusts the resistance to your pedaling speed. As a result, you do not have to adjust the resistance yourself. All you have to do is pedal harder. However, this model allows you to exercise not only your legs, but also your arms! Since the exercise arms with handles are also connected to the ventilator, all you have to do is release them – and you can exercise your arms and legs simultaneously. Or you can push your legs against the footrests and exercise only your arms. This sophisticated system allows you to choose whether you want to exercise the entire body or just its lower or upper part. The adjustable straps on the pedals helps secure your feet in place. Moreover, you can also adjust the height and horizontal position of the seat, making this exercise bike suitable for users of all heights.You can easily start your workout on the easy-to-read control panel. Apart from quick start, you can also choose from preset interval training programs and a goal-oriented workout. There are two interval training programs. However, you can also setup and run your own program. You may also appreciate the fact that you can setup your own target heart rate. When you do so, the exercise bike will tell you how hard you need to pedal to achieve it. If you are not sure what your target heart rate should be, the machine will use your age to calculate your maximum heart rate and then will tell you what target heart rate would make your workout as effective as possible. On the LCD display you can follow all the important information, including revolutions per minute and watt.
Air resistanceThanks to a unique air brake system, you do not need to adjust the resistance. The 4.8kg heavy ventilator rotates depending on how hard you pedal. The harder you pedal, the higher the resistance (the resistance adjustment is quick and smooth). Thanks to this technology, you can pedal at a resistance of 3 – 1,260W, allowing for a versatile workout.

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