Crosstrainer ET660i II

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The Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline inCondi ET660i II will take your workout to another level. The manual incline adjustment offers four more incline levels, allowing you to walk uphill and therefore engage additional muscle groups. The magnetic braking system offers another 16 resistance levels. It also ensures incredibly quiet operation!This elliptical trainer has a variety of advanced functions, the best of which is inCondi technology, which allows you to sync the machine with the app on your phone and choose from a wide range of programs, including various preset programs with different terrain profiles, popular HRC programs or a Recovery program. The app also allows you to plan a virtual route on your phone/tablet and run anywhere in the world!The machine has two pairs of handles – one pair of moving handles and one pair of fixed handles with built-in heart rate monitors. As a result, you do not have to use your arms during your workout if you do not want to. On the fixed handles there are also practical buttons that allow you to quickly change the resistance level. 
 Get Going UphillAdjustable incline allows for a more intense workout. As you need to pedal harder when going uphill (just like on a real bike), it allows you to burn more calories and engage different muscle groups, glutes and hamstrings in particular. 

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