Rayne Whip Longboard Deck 44" Peacock

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Offered up here in three different sizes with each its own purpose in life.
Three lengths for a mix of styles:
41 - Built for Freestyle riding, with a focus on flip tricks and nimble footwork.44 - The In-between'er is made for a combined dance style with both spin/flip tricks but also with ample foot-space to cross-step as well.47 - Take a walk, take one more - Almost seeming limitless is the whopping 31 of standing-platform that will allow you to cross-step and dance to your heart's content.Deck construction:
Rayne has applied their Missionary Construction which consists of layers of vertically laminated bamboo as a core, which has then been sandwiched between two layers of Triaxial fiberglass. All in all a very poppy and lightweight board.
Non-directional Twin ShapeRockered which pre-loads your legs for easier turningMicro Drop Platform - For a slightly locked-in feel right behind each truck3D Wheel wells to help you live the wheel-bite-free lifeLeverage ConcaveAdjustable WheelbaseBee Orange Finish - Board protection made without harmful chemicalsRecommended user weight:
44 Peacock: 130lb (59kg) - 200lb (91kg)47 Peacock: 130lb (59kg) - 190lb (86kg)

Axelavstånd:26 (66cm), 28 (71.1cm), 31 (78.7cm)Deck längd:41 (104.1cm), 44 (111.7cm), 47 (119.4cm)Deck bredd:9.5 (24.1cm)Deck material:Vertically Laminated Bamboo, 3-lagsYtterligare material:Glasfiber, 2-lagsBräda specifikationer:Dubbel kick-tail, Twin tip, HjulhusenGriptape:Ingår inteÅknings stil:Dancing

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