Stolen Zeke 26 2020 Freestyle BMX Cykel 22.25 Blue

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Trick and cruise on a bigger scale
The Zeke 26 by Stolen comes with bigger wheels and a longer frame, making it a bit of an in-between size of a BMX and regular bicycle. However, it retains the durability and geometry of a regular 20 BMX and will surely hold up to anything you'll put it through.
Sit down and enjoy the ride while pedaling thanks to its tall 26 setup and long seat post.Super strong 100% chromoly construction, designed to withstand tons of abuseRequire a minimum of maintenance as it comes with fully sealed bearings (not pedals)Extra strong double wall rims suitable for heavier and bigger ridersStay safe in traffic with its included U-brake

Hjul diameter:26Ram Top Tube:22.25 (56.5cm)Styr höjd:6.75 (17.1cm)Nav:Kassette, Förseglade kullagerBroms:U-brake IngårRam standover höjd:12.25'' (31.1cm)Vikt:12.81kgRam Material:Kromat stålSadel Clamp:IntegratedSadel:PivotalSadelstolpe längd:300mmDäck bredd:2.3Pegs:Ingår inteAxel diameter:10mm, 14mmHjul offset:28mmBar design:Two-pieceBacksweep:JaStem typ/Längd %s:Stem diameter:22.2mmHeadset-type:Integrated 1 1/8Headtube vinkel:74.25°Gyro kompatibel:NejBakgaffel-längd (Slammed):16'' (40.6cm)Utväxling:25/11Krank längd/Typ:175mm, Three-piecePedal Axel diameter:Kugghjuls montering:BultDriver sida:HögerVev material:Krom stålVevlager:19mm, Mid, FörsegladPedal material:PlastikAntal ekrar:36Kedje typ:Single speedSamling:Delvis samladRekommenderas av:15 år

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